The creation of digital maps is the core business of THTC. As a pioneer in this field in the Middle East, we created the navigable map of UAE in 2001, followed by Saudi Arabia maps and other countries in the region.

The dedication and commitment of our highly skilled team have allowed THTC to create, deliver, and continuously update premium quality digital maps. Our digital maps are rich with updated and accurate information, extracted and collected with THTC’s unique ability for innovative surveying.

Right from the start, we have followed the international standards in creating maps with our high-level processes. Our highly competent team of experts has extensive experience in creating TMC Tables that can be certified by the Traveler Information Services Association (TISA).

THTC understands the specific requirements of the public and industry about the accuracy of information and the dynamics that they need for mapping solutions. Our digital maps have been beneficial for industries in automotive, transport & logistics, telecom & utilities, infrastructure, public sector and many more.

The major data layers include roads, administrative boundaries and Point of Interests (POIs). Advanced or other important layers can also be included in datasets like addressing, road lanes, traffic signs, and 2D/3D buildings.